We're Glad You're Here

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is getting to know and support other entrepreneurs on a deeper level. So let us share a little about ourselves.

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Even though I got my degrees in acting and did that professionally for 20 years, I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit. The Infinite List is just the newest iteration of the work I do to support visionary entrepreneurs, and I'm excited to have you be a part of this revolutionary community.

Michael Neeley is the International Bestselling author of Zero to Launch Podcast Accelerator, Michael has been teaching podcasting for nearly a decade. One of the strategies he urges clients to master is converting their LISTeners into their list. A firm believer that your business grows as your list grows, Michael works diligently in supporting his colleagues and clients in continual list growth through giveaways, virtual summits, and podcasts. As the founder of the Infinite List, he is revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs approach giveaways and partnering for mutual support and benefit.


Director of Membership

In addition to being Michael's life-partner, I've also been in the entrepreneurial space for years, and am super excited to be supporting you as a member of The Infinite List Community. I can't wait to get to know more about you and to help you achieve your highest goals.

Krista Inochovsky is a catalyst for growth-minded people to awaken their authentic self-confidence and ignite their potential for unlimited success. Krista is an experienced speaker, coach, facilitator, director of member success, and emcee.


Giveaway Manager

Compraed to Michael, Krista, and probably you I have less experience being an entrepreneur, but I do have a ton of experience working on giveaways. I am really excited to help build the best experience for you as a member of The Infinite List Community.


Member Advocate

Despite being a newbie to the team, I am very excited and more than eager to assist all of the members in getting the most out of the Infinite List Community!


Giveaway Concierge

As a creative person, I always enjoy people's projects and stories. I will be thrilled to know more about you and support you in finding the ideal match for your goals.