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Fast Video Formula

My Fast Video Formula gives you 3 simple steps to make fearless, high value videos that connect and engage to attract more clients, increase your income and make the impact you're called to make so that your best clients see you, hear you, and hire you. (Even if being on camera gives you jitters or that "deer in the headlights" feeling...) 

from Michelle Kopper

Story Selling Made Easy Bundle

The Ultimate System to Harness the Power of Story in Business


  • Identify your signature story and learn how to cash in on your life experiences.
  • Build out your story highlighting your life purpose and genius zone.
  • Position yourself uniquely in the marketplace to attract and serve your ideal clients.
  • Express your authentic self in business to create an EPICally, unforgettable brand!

INCLUDES: Mini-Course, Workbook, Story Creation Template, and Story Brand Escalation Checklist.

from Christie Ruffino

20 Snappy Irresistible Speaking Presentation Title Ideas

One of the most under-rated factors in how often and where leaders get booked to speak is the quality of their presentation title! You can be a stellar speaker, but if your title isn’t compelling, you’ll find it hard to get booked…

You must capture the essence of your message, while still leaving the audience (or booker) wanting more. You must impart some persuasive reason why they must hear what you have to say (urgency, warning, problem-solving, ease, improved outcome, filling a knowledge void.) And you must keep it short!

Have you struggled with writing titles?

Crafting a great talk title is an art!

But anyone can do it with these 20 simple speaking title formulas to pick from!

Grab these 20 Snappy Irresistible Speaking Presentation Title Ideas and stop wracking your brain for a title that will excite the booker and the audience!

from Jackie Lapin

8 Legal Templates for Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

I don’t know about you, but I hate wasting money on attorneys. And yet we all need to do that to ensure we’re protected. This is especially important when doing Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances.

That’s why I’m so excited to share with you eight legal templates, in Word, for you to use to help structure your deals, that I’ve invested some $64,000 to develop over the years.

From simple JV agreements to complicated Asset Purchase Agreement and full on Joint Venture Agreements, you get them all, in Word, so you can create your own agreements faster. Track, edit, modify as you see fit, then take to your attorney to polish.

You’ll have a superb agreement, and save a ton of money.

from Tom Matzen

My Book in 48 Hours

  • Would you like to become a bestseller in just a few hours as my client Christine did recently with her 1st book.
  • Would you like to be interviewed by TV or Radio as my client Isabelle who wrote her 1st book.
  • Would you like to be booked as an expert for conferences and book signings, as my client Fabienne with her 1st book “How your emotions influence your weight”.

That’s why I wrote this free ebook “My Book in 48 Hours” to share with you everything you need and how to do it, without spending months or years, but just 2 days and have a marketing tool to boost your business, develop your credibility thanks to your status as an expert and author and therefore develop your visibility and impact more people.

If you want to finally realize your dream, and publish your book in 2023, to boost your business, and attract more clients, while impacting your audience?

from Biba Pedron

5 Steps to Promote Your Masterclass!

Congratulations on getting ready to launch your masterclass or webinar! Now how do you get people to attend?

Discover 5 steps to promote your masterclass or webinar. PLUS, we will show you the key to successfully promoting your event!

from Nicki Chang-Powless

Find Your Profitable Course Idea!

Find Your Profitable Course Idea!

Considering an online course?
Let's Find Your First (or Next!) Profitable Course Idea...
Use this simple training to find your best course ideas and rank them! Take the 11 steps and pick the ones that work best for you... then get a list of your best ideas, give them a score and find the one that is most likely to bring you profit.

from Julie Hood

The Simple 5-Step Process to Launch a Rockin' Podcast in Just 14 Days!

Podcasting is quietly on the grow and secretly usurping the power of video!

Here's why:

  • People can listen while driving, running, exercising, doing dishes, and more!
  • It creates intimacy, as most listeners are hearing you through earbuds - you go right into their minds.
  • The KLT (Know, Like, Trust) Factor is extremely high in podcasts, proven by research that shows more people buy from hearing ads on podcasts than anywhere else!

Best of all, it's not rocket science, and you can launch a podcast with less than $100 and in a very short period of time.

Get this free guide to learn how!

from Michael Neeley

LinkedIn Profile Optimization Kit

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing sources for speaking opportunities. And it all starts with your LinkedIn profile. It’s the first place your ideal connections find you on LinkedIn. Nail it, and you’ll watch your connections grow with collaboration partners, referral partners, and yes, potential clients.

Grab this LinkedIn Profile Optimization Kit to access three of my top profile resources; My Top 10 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile, so you can check off the most important boxes to create a LinkedIn profile that will attract the right connections for high quality speaking leads, client leads and Connection Calls.

Plus, the template to create a stellar profile picture (along with the video to walk you through it step by step) and Canva templates for the perfect banner for service-based entrepreneurs. Together, you’ll blow them away when they visit your profile!

from Sherri Coffelt

Nail Your Speaking Niche

For the Online Expert Looking to Launch their Course

How to Choose The Right Niche for Your Speaking Gig!

  • Increased Focus.
  • Better Marketing.
  • Higher Profit Margins.

Free guide reveals 128 proven & profitable niches designed to help you avoid the costly mistake of going in the wrong direction by choosing the wrong niche.

This is the training I used to grow my business and now sharing it with you!

from Sue Pats

Power Up Biz Quiz Sales & Follow Up Assessment Plus Authentic Conversations: 3 Templates To Connect... Serve...And Sell From the Heart

Take my Power Up Biz Quiz. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a clearer picture of your sales and follow-up skills and where potential clients and income are slipping through the cracks. Plus, you’ll receive Authentic Conversations: 3 Templates To Connect...Serve...And Sell From The Heart.

Do you hesitate to follow-up because you don’t know what to say?

SCRIPTS are in integral part of an effective step-by-step sales & follow-up system because they prepare you to confidently navigate through every phase of the sales process.... what to say, when to say it and how to BE!

Debbie’s 3 key scripts address specific scenarios that entrepreneurs face all the time:

These 3 key scripts address specific scenarios that entrepreneurs face all the time:

  • How to connect with a potential power partner after a networking event
  • What to say to someone who’s been buried in the pile of business cards on your desk
  • What to say to an interested prospect who’s gone MIA

from Debbie Hoffman

RichBrands Branding FAQ Straight Talk Videos

Our Branding FAQ Straight Talk Videos are basic questions that people ask, or want to ask, and need to ask, about Branding and about Branding themselves as individuals. Remarkably, the answers we give are in straight talk, not in branding jargon or the entrancing terms we all hear so much from marketing service sellers and self-adulating branding “experts” (beware!).

In our Branding FAQ Straight Talk Videos, you get clarity about:

  • Branding
  • Branding You
  • What makes a good brand
  • The four things that make a Brand come alive (and if you don’t have them, your Brand falls flat)
  • The process and how it always works
  • And why RichBrands only wants to work with individuals determined to make impacts on others' lives and on the world they touch.

from Rich Kozak

3 Ultimate Secrets To Getting Booked on Podcasts

Learn the proven and tested methods that have benefitted several other Podcast Guests, on how you can become confident as a Guest on a Podcast, the do's and don'ts of appearing as Guests on Podcasts, how to get the host to invite you back on their Podcast, again and again! And how to boost your podcast appearances by 3x.

from Kay Suthar

Fill Your Workshop Blueprint:  How to fill your next online (or in person) workshop with 75 or more people

If you are planning to host your first or next workshop, then you are likely looking for simple and effective way to fill that event with ideal prospects. The fill your workshop blueprint has everything you need and works even if you have no email list or following!
What's included:
-7 core strategies for filling your event
-Swipe file of emails, social posts and JV partner emails
- Step by step guides on how to fill your event using every strategy we teach
- The fill the room matrix that help you attract 3-5X more people than your last event

from Sean Stewart

Create Your Speaker Success Toolkit

The Speaker Success Toolkit consists of resources for speakers such as the Getting Gigs Opportunity Assessment Checklist (are you getting on the right stages?), sample one speaker one sheets, sample order forms from highly successful speakers, lists and contact info for speaker bureaus, podcasting resources, list of speaker networking events and much more.

from Bret Ridgway

Get Paid To Speak

Public Speaking is the # 1 fear in the world, above death. Mastering the craft to public speaking is also one of the shortest paths to creating long term impact, and opening doors never before possible.

Get Paid To Speak is your keys through those doors and your launching pad to impact lives on a regular basis AND also getting paid well to do it.

from Corey Poirler

Magical Meetup Strategy Mini-Course

Get a fast cash infusion and enroll 90% of attendees at your talks and workshops with the Magical Meetup Strategy Mini-Course! Cornelia made $9,000 from her first Meetup workshop with this fun strategy! Includes all the strategy details AND a done-for-you talk script which will save you TONS of time! Get a flood of new business without a website, mailing list, or social media following! Even if you're just getting started!

from Cornelia Ward

Highly Paid Professional Speaker 

Learn how to become a highly paid professional speaker by getting booked and paid consistently at high quality targeted events. 

from Debbie Allen

Admission for one to Jill Lublin's Publicity Breakthrough Bootcamp

How Would You Like An Insider Access To Our Closed-Door Bootcamp… Where You Can 'Copy & Paste' Our Proven PR Strategies To Attract More Visibility To Your Business, Become A Celebrity In Your Niche, And Have A Long Waitlist of Dream Clients…
…Even in The Most Competitive Industries?”
Give me 2-4 hours daily for 3 short days and I’ll show you the exact action steps to dominate your industry and fill your pipeline with loads of dream clients… without hiring a PR agency or spending more money on advertisements.

from Jill Lublin

3 Covert Strategies to Make BIG Money From Small Lists

Start Making Big Money From A Small List Today!
Come discover some of the BEST tips that I have used with hundreds of coaches, healers, and online course creators to help them make BIG money even if they have a teeny-tiny list with this on-demand mini-workshop training.

from James Lam

Unleashing Your Business Potential: Letting Go of Limitations and Resistance for Success

Unlock Your Brilliance: Work Smarter, Not Harder!
Why do extra work when you could be in your highest divine alignment for your business to flourish? With Unleashing Your Business Potential: Letting Go of Limitations and Resistance for Success free gift you will quickly get yourself on the path to success!

from Gabrielle Spencer

The Offer Report Card

As a speaker, your offer is what will make or break your business. When you launch into your pitch on the live and virtual stage, you must make sure that you feel like your product, program, or service is giving you the confidence and reassurance you need to sell with ease.

The Offer Report Card makes it completely clear where your offer stands today and where you need to improve.

Put your offer to the test and see how you score!

from Ken Course

Masterclass: Attract Your Clients Through Speaking {Yes, Even Now}

Would you like to attract clients and monetize your speaking? In this master class, Leisa Reid pulls back the curtain to share expert secrets on how to attract clients through speaking, even in these uncertain times. This is an excellent class for speakers, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to use the power of speaking to attract their ideal clients and make an impact on the world.

In this master class you will learn: 1) A Mindset Shift for Speaking Success NOW 2) The 7 Keys to Creating a Successful Speaking Business, and 3) The Speaker Monetization Formula

from Leisa Reid

On Demand Free Video Training to Scale Your Impact + Income on Your Terms 

Get a behind-the-scenes view of 3 different business transformations all at different levels of business at $200K, another at $650K and the 3rd at $1.6M…and see HOW to scale YOUR business to 7-figure years and 6-figure months without cookie-cutter solutions, bro marketing tactics, or big launches to gamble your business income on. 


Just simple systems, that makes delegating even the most complex tasks easy to a team that won’t break the bank so that you’re freed up to do the stuff you LOVE to do all in alignment with your unique strengths... 


So that when you take that long overdue vacation, leave your mobile on a shelf while you sit with your feet in the sand…’cause your team knows what to do to keep your business running seamlessly, if you’re there or not… 


Sounds a lot easier than all the funnel building, 5-day challenges, and VSLs your marketing guy is telling you to invest in? 


It is. 


This video is for Visionary Leaders who are ready to scale “on their terms” and make their business so easy to run, they can take month-long vacations whenever their heart desires…

from Madeleine Wyke Silva

21 Ways to Catapult Your Business with Joint Venture Partnerships

Joint Ventures, Partnerships & Collaborations are 3 of the most powerful, low cost and low risk ways to get known and build your tribe and build your business.

To help you effectively use these techniques, Mark Porteous and David Riklan, the co-founders of the Joint Venture Directory put together a powerful Report to show you step by step what to do.

The Report is called 21 Ways to Catapult Your Business Using Joint Ventures, Collaborations and Partnerships.

In their free report, you will learn:

3 ways to effectively use Email Marketing and Social Media in Joint Ventures

4 ways to get started with your first Partnership

6 Unexpected ways to Create Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Collaborations

Plus a whole lot more.

from Mark Porteous

[TRAINING] - How To Use ChatGPT To Get a Tsunami of Speaking Gigs (...Even If You've Never Used A.I. Before!)

When you get instant access to TR's Tactical Training, you're going to learn:

3 Massive Mistakes Most Speakers Make When Attempting to Get More Gigs


TR is going to show you how using ChatGPT can actually help you avoid making these massive mistakes. (so that you get a Tsunami of Speaking Gigs - month after month!)

from TR Garland

The Best Anger Elimination Method You Can Find

Discover the hidden rules you must know if you want to truly win against anger.  These rules are invisible, so most people live their entire lives not knowing how to master them. So if you are struggling with anger, it's not your fault. You've just never been taught what it takes to win the game and end anger as a problem in your life forever!

from Mort Orman, MD