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from Tom Matzen

7 Day Challenge Power Pack

Unleash your magic and captivate your audience with the "7-Day Challenge Power Pack"!

Inside this captivating kit, you'll discover a simple yet potent plan to craft a transformative 7-day free challenge that converts prospects into loyal clients, time-saving templates for email marketing and social media, an easy-to-follow challenge task tracker so no step gets missed, and creative ideas for Instagram Reels and TikToks to help promote your challenge across multiple platforms.

Say Bye Bye to uncertainty and stress. With this kit, you have the tools at your fingertips to effortlessly map out your challenge content and execute a flawless marketing plan…just like MAGIC.

from Pam Langord

Signature Program Template

Get your FREE Signature Program Template and discover how to create a program that becomes your #1 source of consistent clients. 

  • Stop selling your time and create a program your ideal clients really want
  • Communicate the value of your offer with clarity and confidence
  • Deliver amazing results for your clients and create the greatest impact
  • Have a program you become known for and stand out from the sea of coaches
  • Create a program that becomes your #1 source of clients and income
  • BONUS: Video training (19 minutes) that shows you how to create your Signature Program

from Cindy Schulson

Designing Courses That Captivate

Buckle up as we delve into the insider secrets that can take your entrepreneurial dreams and turn them into a reality that pays off.

This guide isn’t your run-of-the- mill instruction manual – think of it as your trusty companion on the road to crafting courses that won’t just catch attention, but will have your audience hooked from start to finish.

We’re giving you tools to shape your course into a chart-topper!

from Paul & Melissa Pruitt 

Fill Your Workshop Blueprint: How to fill your next online (or in person) workshop with 75 or more people


If you are planning to host your first or next workshop, then you are likely looking for simple and effective way to fill that event with ideal prospects. The fill your workshop blueprint has everything you need and works even if you have no email list or following! What's included: -7 core strategies for filling your event -Swipe file of emails, social posts and JV partner emails

  • Step by step guides on how to fill your event using every strategy we teach
  • The fill the room matrix that help you attract 3-5X more people than your last event

from Sean D. Stewart 

Course Creation Toolkit

This FREE toolkit does all the heavy lifting so you can fast-track your course building and selling. You'll get step-by-step instructions, checklists, and templates – so all you have to do is go through each template, fill in the blanks, and you’re done!

from Eli Natoli

Communication Style Assessment (CSA)™

Are you curious about how you communicate and how your messages are received by clients and prospects?

The Communication Style Assessment (CSA)™ will provide a framework so you can easily identify your superpowers and challenges associated with your communication style combination.

Using this tool, you will have an opportunity to learn about your communication style and sharpen your skills so you can take advantage of perfecting your personal style. This will help you master business situations such as asking for the sale, handling conflict and objections with ease, being an influential leader, master meeting facilitation, and so much more.

Isn’t it time you fulfilled your full communication potential and let it be the power behind your success? Let us provide you with the first step toward communication mastery!


from Connie Whitman

Magical Meetup Strategy Mini-Course

Get a fast cash infusion and enroll 90% of attendees at your talks and workshops with the Magical Meetup Strategy Mini-Course!  Cornelia made $9,000 from her first Meetup workshop with this fun strategy!  Includes all the strategy details AND a done-for-you talk script which will save you TONS of time!  Get a flood of new business without a website, mailing list, or social media following!  Even if you're just getting started!

from Cornelia Ward

44 Ways To Seduce Your Next Client from Stage, Podcast, Radio, Virtual Summits and Virtual Networking

As a changemaker looking to change more lives, attract more clients and scale up your business, you must always be looking for ways to get people to meet with you or opt-in to your list.

But if you think the only inducements you can offer are a free ebook, short online program or free consultation, you are far behind the times! Is your free offer tired and not drawing?

What if we could give you 44 Ways to Seduce Your Next Client from Stages, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Virtual Summits or Virtual Networking?

Get this and rocket your prospective client engagement with new, exciting and creative enticements!

from Jackie Lapin

7 Essential Keys to Cultivating a Powerful and Reliable Network that creates a Never-Ending Stream of Profitable Referrals

Are You Ready to Crack the Code to Create a Tsunami of Raving Fans Who Refer YOU?

How would it make you feel... financially & personally... if you had so many RAVING FANS who EVANGELIZED YOU that you could honestly claim your business has its very own CHEERING SECTION?

If you are showing up to networking events and struggling to find quality prospects or having to hire people to fill your calendar, if you are having an overabundance of conversations with cold leads that go absolutely nowhere, if you are burning out your friends, associates, and yourself, and if your business is not being flooded with referrals by multiple enthusiastic raving fans then you NEED to know these 7 key concepts NOW!

from Gabriella Waterman

The Ultimate AI Lead Magnet Playbook!  3 Keys (& 1 Fatal Flaw) to Irresistibly Attract Your Ideal Customers!

Have you ever had a fridge magnet that just wouldn’t seem to stick? It had just lost all of its magnetic power (if it ever had any to begin with).

Well… business lead-magnets can behave the same way!

Does yours have the magnetism you need?

Is it still attracting your ideal clients?

Grab The Ultimate AI Lead Magnet Playbook today and learn how to:
• Create a free gift that will have your ideal customers jumping in line to get it!
• Craft a title that cranks up your conversions better than ever before!
• Avoid the one flaw that will keep your list small (and your bank account smaller)!
• And more!

If your list is the lifeblood of your business, then a hot lead-magnet is the infusion your business needs!

Get this free Playbook to grow your list now!

from Michael Neeley

Create Fast Nurture Emails: Five Templates That Will Help You Quickly Compose Engaging Content, Even If You Think You're Not a Great Writer

With the Five Templates, you’ll no longer have to struggle to create emails that engage, entertain and inspire your audience week after week. You’ll be able to quickly organize your thoughts so you can write great content in minutes instead of hours.

from Rob Fortier

Using AI for Course Creators: A Beginner-Friendly Workshop

Complimentary VIP Ticket

Based on Toni's Latest Book: AI Made Simple: Comprehensive Guide for Beginners, this 90-minute beginner-friendly workshop aims to empower participants with the knowledge and confidence to leverage AI as a strategic resource for business growth.

Through interactive discussions and practical examples, attendees will gain a clear understanding of AI fundamentals, identify opportunities for AI integration, and learn how to implement AI solutions to optimize their business operations.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with the necessary tools to start their AI journey and make informed decisions for their businesses.

from Toni Kaufman

SEO Checklist & eBook

Get SEO Checklist & eBook

A comprehensive guide to optimizing your website for search engines, covering keyword research, on-page optimization, content quality, mobile-friendliness, internal and external linking, URL structure, meta tags, and more.

from Sue Pats

21 Innovative Question Types to Supercharge Your Online Courses!

Ever feel like your course assignments are falling flat—even though your topic is electrifying? Good news! I've got 21 game-changing question formats that will not only keep your students on the edge of their seats but also make learning unforgettable. Time to turn the page on boring assignments and ignite the spark that leads to genuine engagement!

from Ann Ljungberg

Email Edge: Growing a High-Converting Subscriber List – for Beginners and Advanced Users

A list of subscribers lets you:
* Build trust over time so more people will buy your course
* Connect with people who have the problem you can solve with your course
* Avoid losing track of people who connect with you and don’t buy right away
* Make offers of your courses and other services
* Partner with like-minded online entrepreneurs so you can earn affiliate commissions and have them promote you back

If a small list is holding you back, learn how to grow your list, whether you’re just starting out or more experienced.

from Ellen Finkelstein

Fulfill Your Life Purpose and Make Money Doing What You Love

Unlock the key to a fulfilling and prosperous life with our exclusive giveaway. This extraordinary toolkit is designed to guide you towards clarity and provide practical strategies for aligning your passions with financial success.

Imagine a life where you wake up each day, invigorated and inspired by the work you do. Picture yourself making a profound impact while experiencing the financial abundance that comes from pursuing your passions. With the tools and guidance offered in this giveaway, you can turn this vision into a tangible reality.

Are you ready to fulfill your life purpose and make money doing what you love? Claim your exclusive giveaway now and embark on a transformative journey towards a life of purpose, passion, and prosperity. Your dreams are within reach—seize them today.

from Howard Sambol

31 Day Social Content Calendar

This day-by-day blueprint will show you what to post to generate attention and LEADS on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more.

Each day for 31-days, I’ll show you what kind of post to make, the topic of the post, and even an example of what a post would look like.

All you have to do is customize it for your business.

from Katie Brinkley

How to Write the Perfect Welcome Series

Connect with your audience from email #1! The key to converting your list is building an engaged audience from the beginning.

Discover how to craft a welcome series that encourages new subscribers to open, click and buy from your very first email.

Inside this guide, you’ll uncover:

What to write about…and how to get it done
What you MUST include in every email
The same framework my clients have used to get up to 80% open rates…

…and so much more!

from Kimberly Weitkamp 

YouTube Traffic Secrets Guide

YouTube is an exceptional traffic generation tool that can propel your business to new heights. By leveraging the power of video content and
YouTube's vast user base, you can tap into an immense pool of potential customers and drive substantial traffic to your website. This Guide features 23 Traffic Secrets for maximizing YouTube.

from Lou Bortone

Corporate Clients Checklist

The Corporate Clients Checklist simplifies the corporate client attraction journey using our interactive checklist that saves digital product creators, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, and speakers valuable time and effort in navigating the complexities of engaging with Fortune 500 companies.

Download the checklist and gain the following:

  • Learn how to adjust your copywriting for corporate clients
  • Understand what corporations are seeking from your digital programs before they purchase
  • Gain unlimited customer support as you work through the checklist

from Shadeed Eleazer

Get Clients Today: 

Secrets to a Highly Rewarding, Highly Profitable Coaching Business

Want to create results-based coaching packages that practically sell themselves? What if you could package your coaching in a way that makes it irresistibly enticing? 

Christian Mickelsen just re-released his #1 best-selling book, Get Clients Today, which also comes with a free live training series, where you’ll discover how to create coaching programs and packages that sell. 

My name is Rob Goyette, and I have been training coaches and helping them market their business for over 15 years. I was on Christian’s team for 7 years and learned so much from him because of his ability to teach actionable skills and his desire to help other coaches succeed.

I am partnering with him to get the word out about his book which includes top strategies and secrets for more credibility, templates for client-getting emails and social media posts, and much more.

Get this free book + the free training to take your business to the next level and get more clients now! 

from Christian Mickelsen via Rob Goyette

20 Ways to Give Away a FREE Report to Increase Traffic and Sell More Courses

Are you giving away a FREE report to build your email list and find more students? Here are 20 ways to spread the word about your report .... and find your best students!

from Julie Hood

Find Your Best Topic & Title for a Rockstar Course - for FREE!

Join us for the 5-Day Challenge and spend 15 minutes a day working on your first (or next!) online course! Each day for 5 days you'll get an email with a short video with a step for you to take to take that day.

And the best part? You can get feedback every single day during our Q&A sessions!

Come join us!

from Julie Hood

Get 30 Days FREE to build your course on Kajabi plus over $1,500 in FREE bonus courses from Julie Hood!

Are you ready to get your online course business technology setup? You can! There are two steps to this freebie:

#1) Go to the link to claim your FREE 30 Days of Kajabi, and

#2) Email Julie Hood so she can send you the FREE bonus courses.

from Julie Hood

Be sure to catch all the secrets on the Course Creators HQ... All About Online Courses podcast!

Each week, host Julie Hood shares short, mini-masterclasses on some aspect of course creation, marketing and sales... listen in to get the scoop on the latest and greatest techniques, tools and approaches so you can reach more students!

from Julie Hood